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2k - Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo

22 mar 2018 - 07:48:10
Anticipation for Cavs-Warriors III is building to the point where it could rival the final installment of what many consider the greatest sports trilogy ever ? Ali-Frazier III aka "The Thrilla in Manila."For those who do not understand the magnitude of Ali-Frazier III, Nba mt coins just imagine the excitement that would surround a third Connor McGregor and Nate Diaz fight. Then multiply that by 10.MORE: NBA Finals schedule Just as time off between the conference finals and the NBA Finals allowed us to speculate what would happen if Cleveland lost, the same question can be asked about the Warriors.

So again, let's speculate.What if Golden State loses the NBA Finals? Here are three possible narratives that would follow a Warriors loss.Kevin Durant's reputation takes critical blowOn May 29, Carlos Boozer was a guest on Fox Sport 1's "The Herd," and he said Durant's NBA season starts when Game 1 begins.He's right.Everyone expected Durant and the Warriors to reach the finals. Golden State won a championship without Durant and then won 73 regular-season games while he was still in Oklahoma City.He joined the Warriors to win a ring, and anything short is a monumental disappointment. Everyone with a Twitter handle or a microphone is going to let Durant hear about it if he falls short ? like he did so many years in Oklahoma City.Remember three years ago when the Daily Oklahoman published a headline reading "Mr. Unreliable"?

McGee has actually been a bright spot for the Warriors this season, especially in the playoffs. After struggling to find his rhythm in the league with four other teams, the 7-foot center has found a role coming off the bench for Golden State. But his style may end up being a mismatch for Cleveland.While McGee is a strong rim protector, he may have to end up defending Kevin Love, who can play on the perimeter, providing a challenge for the big man. McGee could also struggle trying to box out the aggressive Tristan Thompson.So the Cavs player may have had a point in regards to McGee being challenged in this series, but said it in a manner that could end up being bulletin-board material.

The NBA Finals beginning Thursday feature three of the 11 most famous athletes on the planet.That's according to a comprehensive MMOgo ranking released Tuesday, anyway. The MMOgo World Fame 100 rankings include LeBron James at No. 2, Kevin Durant at No. 8 and Stephen Curry at No. 11.The sports network notes that its director of analytics, Ben Alamar, compiled the second-annual rankings using a formula that includes such variables as endorsements, social media followers and Internet search popularity.Using that formula, MMOgo determined that the most famous athlete in the world is ?

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo. Golf and tennis stars fared quite well on the list, with Roger Federer (No. 4), Phil Mickelson (No. 5), Rafael Nadal (No. 9) and Tiger Woods (No. 10) all cracking the top 10.Soccer stars Lionel Messi (No. 3) and Neymar (No. 6), along with Jamaican speedster Usain Bolt (No. 7) round out the top 10.Among the four major North American pro sports leagues, the NBA led the way, placing 13 players on the list. On the other hand, Major League Baseball fared poorly, 2k18 mt with no players among the top 100. Tom Brady (No. 21) was the highest ranked of eight NFL players on the list.Eight female athletes made the list, headed by Ronda Rousey at No. 16.The MMOgo list may not settle any arguments about the GOAT, but it's sure to spark some debate.

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