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Why Are Disposable Drill Handpieces Essential in Surgery? Health Articles | December 4 cheap nike sf-af1 , 2015

Along with other disposable orthopedic tools like oscillating saws and reamers, disposable drill handpieces are becoming essential for ensuring orthopedic surgeries are cleanly carried out. Recent advances in medical surgery technology are delivering higher hygiene standards. These handpieces, designed for single patient use, enable greater confidence in limiting contamination and infection.

Cleaning Surgical Tools


Sterilizing and cleaning surgical tools for reuse is beset with issues of contamination. Removing tissue, bone and blood from prior surgeries and ensuring the handpieces are safe for the next patient is difficult. Mistakes are made in the misuse of detergents and chemicals. Several different kinds of cleaning equipment and tools are required and even then, the results are usually inadequate. Disposable drill handpieces reduce the burden of cleaning surgical tools.


Effects on Our Environment


Medical tools that require cleaning in between each use make high demands on our environment. Valuable human resources are engaged with cleaning and inspection procedures. Equipment such as automatic washers, disinfectors and dryers consume our energy resources. If proper procedures for disposal are safely carried out, disposable drill handpieces can reduce several harmful environmental effects involved in the cleaning, sterilization and maintenance of non-disposable devices and tools.


Single Patient Use


In critical orthopedic surgeries, the potential for infection is high. Deposits left behind on a device or tool being used by surgeons in one procedure can easily be transferred to a new patient when this equipment is not properly sterilized and cleaned. As a result, there are already many disposable items regularly used in the course of a single surgical procedure, like gloves, wipes, and syringes. Only recently have advances in medical technology made a higher quality of disposable drill handpiece possible.


Affordability of Disposable Drill Handpieces


Hospitals and surgical centers commonly suffer many costs through procuring, re-sterilizing and maintaining non-disposable surgical devices. Disposable handpieces are transforming the way surgeries are completed, reducing a range of hidden costs in the process. In balance, the cost of purchasing and disposing of single-use devices is far less than the full variety of costs involved in maintaining non-disposable devices.


High Tech Quality of Disposable Devices


Disposable drill handpieces powered by lightweight and long-lasting Lithium batteries provide stability and reliability during surgeries. Rechargeable 13.2 volt Lithium batteries are designed with smart rechargeable capabilities, offering high performance throughout the length of surgery. Orthopedic procedures involving drilling, like joint replacement and placing bone screws, fixation pins and guide wires may be carried out with confidence using revolutionary disposable drill handpieces.


Safety in Surgical Procedures


Since orthopedic surgery is widely performed in a variety of settings, consistent safety procedures are vital to ensure proper patient care. Any breach in sterilization technique or aseptic technique can result in a lack of compliance with food and drug administration requirements and a host of potential harm coming to patients next on the surgery list. Companies at the forefront in R&D, are making great contributions to patient health through improving disposable drill handpiece quality, for our better days.

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