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11 kwi 2018 - 11:31:14
NAIROBI? March 28 (Xinhua) -- World cross country champion Irene Cheptai of Kenya has thrown down the gauntlet and warned her teammates she is ready to step up and conquer the 10?000m race at the London World Championships in August.

Cheptai? who was making her third shot at the global cross country contest? emerged the winner in Uganda to end her long wait.

That performance has inspired her to train her eyes on a bigger challenge that is to win the 10?000m gold medal in London.

"The next step is to make the 10?000m team. It is always a challenge to compete against some of the best athletes in Kenya. To make the team has to be the first priority and then from there it will be the gold medal in London?" she said.

Indeed? Cheptai must be focused to make the Kenya team knowing that the defending champion Vivian Cheruiyot? Alice Aprot and Betsy Saina will be all angling for the three slots up for grabs.

Cheruiyot? who will be making her debut in the marathon on London in April? has confirmed she will still seek to compete in the 10?000m race at the World Championships.

Saina on the other hand will be keen to atone her missed opportunity in Beijing two years ago when she finished eighth in the race.

She has since followed that performance with a fifth place performance at the Rio Olympics while Aprot was second to Cheptai in Kampala at the World Cross Country Championships.

"I will try first to do a series of 10?000m races so that I get the qualification time. But time will not be important in London?" she said.

However? her coach Renato Canova said Cheptai will target the 10?000m at the World Championships and that she is capable of running under 30:30 for the distance. He also added the marathon could one day be her best event.

Meanwhile? World Cross Country champions Geoffrey Kamworor? said he has attained what he wanted in the event and will now direct his energies at the track season starting in May. Kamworor said winning gold remains his challenge at the London World Championships in August.

Kamworor said his second consecutive World Cross Country victory has inspired him to take another stab at the World 10?000m title in London as he plans to take the battle to current title holder Mo Farah to his door steps.

His hands were suddenly clammy and felt tingly cold. He could feel the sweat oozing from every pore on his body. There was a very irritating twitch that had developed in his left eye Ben Bishop USA Jersey , which was now keeping a beat of which M. C. Hammer would be proud. He did not know how he was going to get through the next few seconds of his life without passing out. The world seemed to swim in and out of focus as he swayed unsteadily on his feet. People he knew and some he did not, although he was sure he should have, were staring at him in anticipation. He knew he should at least make the attempt, but he did not think he would make it.

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?One,? a sudden stabbing sensation pierced his chest. He could feel his pulse start to palpitate. For a brief moment, he thought he might actually pass out. ?Two,? the pressure in his chest increased. He realized he had not taken a breath in quite some time and all the blood had rushed to his head T. J. Oshie Jersey , which felt the size of an enormous, hot air balloon. ?Three!? He drew in a deep lungful of air and steeled himself. At first, absolutely nothing at all happened. He was sure his throat had seized and he would be completely immobilized like this forever. Then, at last and with great relief Ryan Suter Jersey , he heard his voice boom through the room. It reverberated violently off the walls. An infant, somewhere in the large crowd started crying, startled.

?I DO!?

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The pastor and his wife stood in the empty chapel surveying the left over decorations and little white specks of rice on the carpet. For a moment, I thought he was going to bolt and I wondered, the pastor s wife commented as she put paper plates into a plastic trash bag. Why do men have such a hard time with commitment?

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