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10 lip 2019 - 08:21:02
Investor at a securities brokerage in Chenzhou city , Central China's Hunan province, May 28, 2015. [PhotoIC]
BEIJING - Chinese shares plummeted on Thursday, with the benchmark Shanghai Composite Index diving 6.5 percent to finish at 4,620.27 points.

The Shenzhen Component Index plunged by 6.19 percent to close at 15 ,912.95 points.

The ChiNext Index, tracking China's Nasdaq-style board of growth enterprises, lost 5.39 percent to end at 3,432.98 points.

The plunge comes as a growing number of brokerages tightened requirements on margin financing - an important engine behind a red-hot rally that has made Chinese share markets the best performers in the world.

The fall was also triggered by some profit-taking ahead of a new flood of initial public offerings (IPO) next week, which some analysts estimate could freeze up around 5 trillion yuan ($807 billion) of liquidity.

On Thursday , at least three Chinese brokerages, including Guosen Securities Co, Southwest Securities Co and Changjiang Securities Co tightened margin financing rules to tame risks in the market, which has surged over 140 percent over the last 12 months, fueled in large part by a record amount of borrowed money.

Separately , the Shanghai Securities News reported on its website that regulators have recently urged banks to submit data regarding money flows into the stock market.

Tightening by brokerages is having an psychological impact on the market, which is already suffering from liquidity concerns ahead of the wave of IPOs next week, said Zhou Lin, strategist at Huatai Securities.

"It's a normal correction. I think the negative impact on the market could be just short-term as we see a lot of money continuing to flow into the stock market," he said.

"The government will likely continue to ease monetary policy , so the bull market will continue."

In its 2014 annual report published on Wednesday, China's central bank warned of deflationary pressure in the world's second-largest economy as it forecast subdued consumer prices for the year and a challenging growth outlook.

Most sectors were down in China, with financial shares and real estate stocks leading the decline.

In Hong Kong, Milan Station Holdings shares bounded about 4 percent after slumping 46 percent during the previous session. The company said it was not aware of any reasons for the share price tumble.

The holding company that sells handbags and other luxury items is the latest firm to be rocked by big price swings following Hanergy Thin Film Power Group and Goldin Properties Holdings last week.

It is well known fact that the technology used to support medicines, particularly those derived from biotechnology , is complicated. A lesser known fact however was more widely proclaimed in 2012, by Mark Metherell, health correspondent of the Sydney Morning Herald. On a per capita basis, the overall value of Australia?s publically traded biomedical companies was higher than for companies in the United States. Chairman of pharmaceutical industry association Medicines Australia, Mark Masterson , has revealed an ambitious agenda as a result of such promising value-added developments. ?The vision is to double our manufacturing output from AUD7 billion (USD7.34 billion) in 2012 to AUD14 billion (USD14.68 billion) over the next decade and to establish a number of highly specialised bio-manufacturing plants,? Masterson said in December 2012. ?Double our exports from AUD4 billion (USD4.19 billion) to AUD8 billion (USD8.39 billion); double our R&D investment from AUD1 billion (USD1.05 billion) to AUD2 billion (USD2.1 billion); creating many more high-skilled jobs and increasing the number of Australians accessing clinical trials to 30,000.?

There are many other reasons to manufacture biologics in Australia. Another is that the large number of mutual recognition arrangements that exist with Australia and key international regulatory authorities. For example, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Australian Therapeutics Goods Administration (TGA) which allows the two organizations to exchange information on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) inspections of pharmaceuticals facilities. This represents a streamlined approval process for Australian-based pharmaceutical companies seeking to market their products in the US.

Over the past decade Australia has developed robust clinical trial infrastructure that in general reduces the overall cost of biotherapeutic product development. This is because Australia has a favourable regulatory environment, world renowned hospitals and a medical system with a strong reputation for high quality clinical development. Australia has also holds a leading international position in robotics research and in automated process control which can be leveraged to streamline bioprocessing cost within a manufacturing setting.

Australia?s robust and internationally compatible intellectual property regime is recognised as being one of the most effective and modern systems in the world in terms of patents and copyright enforcement. In fact , Australia?s intellectual property system is ranked above countries such as the UK, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore

All this is augmented by Australia?s unique R&D tax situation. The Australian Taxation Office allows up to a 45% tax deduction, which under some circumstances can be in the form of a cash refund, on eligible R&D expenditure that can include the manufacture of materials for clinical testing. This makes Australia a very attractive location not only for manufacturing and clinical trials , but also as a base for establishing R&D operations.

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