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14 cze 2018 - 05:53:43
With NBA 2K18 being a huge cashgrab with microtransactions, we chose to commit our time and money in NBA 2K18, and, truth be told, we are genuinely enjoying the game. In fact, switching to Live this season was among the best decisions we could make because the hiatus that EA took last year in order that they could invest two decades of growth into Cheap NBA 2K Coins has really repaid.

The sport is immensely fun as it has plenty of different modes offering hours of content which does not feel as though pointless grinding. However, the one feature that EA decided to fall this year is believe it or not - the option to play with a regular game from the buddy online. Sure you can play against your friends through what EA telephone "The One" in which you utilize your custom made participant, but using the official NBA teams and enjoying a regular versus game is something which you cannot do in this sport.

We were expecting that EA would spot this in somewhere along the way, such as they did with the roster editing and 3v3 manners, but it seems we'll never get to see the day. So, as you can do, we turned to reddit to see when we were the only ones baffled by the lack of the essential feature.

There we stumbled upon a question posted by greenteastick who was looking to buy NBA Live Mobile Coins but was worried about the match online modes, and he wished to know if you were able to play against your buddy online. He got a reply from one user who stated the only workaround to this is to enter Head to Head mode in the exact same period as the friend, and hope that you are matched against each other.

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