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12 paź 2018 - 06:46:35
TOKYO Kevin White Youth Jersey , July 31 (Xinhua) -- Brazilian soccer ace Neymar said Thursday he is on the way to reaching full fitness following a serious back injury sustained at the World Cup finals in Brazil.

Neymar who arrived at Tokyo's Haneda airport earlier Thursday to star in a TV commercial for a mattress manufacturer told reporters he's making steady progress and is looking forward to the season ahead with Spanish giants Barcelona.

"I am getting better little by little, my back is improving and soon I will be 100 percent," Neymar told a press conference in Tokyo after his arrival.

The 22-year-old superstar's run in the World Cup finals came to an abrupt end after he was stretchered off the pitch following a second-half collision with Colombia's Juan Camilo Zuniga during the quarterfinals.

The Columbian kneed Neymar in the back with subsequent scans revealing the Brazilian talisman had fractured a vertebra in his spine.

Brazil went on without Neymar, who'd scored four goals in five games, only to get pummeled by eventual tournament winners Germany 7-1 in the semifinals.

Despite Brazil's drubbing Cody Whitehair Youth Jersey , Neymar said he was looking forward to the season ahead starting on Aug. 24 with Barcelona and said he plans on winning the La Liga title.

"I want to win the title everyone is hoping for," he told reporters, while reclining on a mattress he will endorse, designed specifically for athletes.

"This mattress feels fantastic. I think it will help with my recovery and I'm looking forward to testing it after my long trip here," the frontman said.

Neymar is making his first trip here since the 2011 Club World Cup when he was still playing for Brazil's Santos FC. Such is the popularity of the young superstar that he was mobbed by more than 700 adoring fans at the airport upon his arrival.

The hand of Thierry Henry has not ceased to speak and should further fuel the debate for weeks. However Leonard Floyd Youth Jersey , should we really overwhelmed by all sides French striker? If the Irish have reason to curse him for some time, the scandals during a game have not failed in recent years in world football, some of which may even be relativized if Henry.

Here is a selection of some facts of the game that made sense identified by El Confidencial. To begin this series, go back to World 1966 at the final between England, who plays her Eddie Jackson Youth Jersey , and Germany. At the end of regulation time the two teams are tied (2-2) at the end of regulation time. Then during the first period of extra time Geoff Hurst the Englishman sends a missile types the German crossbar, bounced on the line before being cleared. Advocates protest Germanic, but the referee awarded a goal without really being sure. Compelled to discover to get shots on goal, the Germans will cash but a fourth goal, but the realization of Hurst is still talking about it.

Second scandal Tarik Cohen Youth Jersey , again with the German team as protagonist. Except that the formation of Horst Hrubesch has not really been the victim. The scene takes place at the 1982 World Cup in Spain. In the last group match between Germany and Austria, both teams will be the protagonists in a game of shame. The Germans opened the scoring after ten minutes of play .. and then nothing, the scoreboard will remain frozen until the end. An outcome that suits both selections. Germany had to win to continue his journey and Austria should not lose by more than one goal in the pain of seeing him pass by Algeria.

The famous hand of God

How can this article not to mention the hand that has made even more scandalous than Thierry Henry? World Mexico 1986, Argentina's Maradona faces England's Peter Shilton in the quarterfinals. On a ball deflected into his camp by Steve Hodge, El Pibe de Oro will defy the porter Shilton in a duel air. Surprisingly Adam Shaheen Youth Jersey , El Bajito prevails and seems to mark the head. False, Maradona has helped his hand to deceive the British Guardian. In a context of tension between the two countries gesture of Argentina is not welcome, but did not count on the genius of the International Albiceleste just get everyone to agree, scoring twentieth century, starting in dribbles from half field to score a goal anthology.

Three years later Mitchell Trubisky Youth Jersey , the Maracana is home to the Brazil-Chile match decisive for the qualification to the 1990 Italian World. The auriverde control the meeting and led 1-0 at twenty minutes from time. That's when the Chilean goalkeeper, Roberto Rojas, seems to be hit by a firecracker came from the stands. This goes hand in his face and lay down. When he gets up, his face covered with blood .... Except that the firecracker in question was never wounded. Rojas confessed because he had a knife hidden in his gloves and he had cut his face alone so that Brazil lost the match on green carpet and Chile and won the game. Following this incident, Rojas was suspended and Chile banned from World Cup 94.

Finally to complete this series focus on South Korea. Semi-finalist surprise of his World in 2002 Anthony Miller Youth Jersey , the Asian team coached by Guus Hiddink will be at the heart of several questions. Besides a fitness test to all the Koreans will benefit from arbitration than in their favor. Especially in the quarterfinals against Spain (photo). After beating Italy, Hiddink's men will see the referee denied two goals perfectly valid to Iberian incredulous. Result, the Seleccion will go out on penalties. Proof that the hand of Henry is not the scam of the century ...


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