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Cowboys will wear navy jerseys at home more often

17 cze 2017 - 04:07:37
When Jerry Jones bought the Dallas Adrian Amos Jersey Cowboys in 1989 for $140 million -- in business terms this is known as a strong return on investment -- he was buying into both the team and the brand. And make no mistake, the Al Louis-Jean Jersey Cowboys -- with their winning history and iconic single star helmet -- are among the best brands in American professional sports. Three Super Bowl titles in the '90s further established that, and Jones continues to cultivate it as he approaches his 30th year running the show. VIDEO LOADING WE'RE SORRY, BUT THIS VIDEO IS NOT AVAILABLE. WATCH MORE VIDEOS REPLAYWeek 12: Redskins vs. Cowboys highlights00:00/03:23 One Anthony Jefferson Jersey way to build the brand is through the team's instantly recognizable uniform. Jones has always seen the Cowboys' home kit as the NFL equivalent Ben Braunecker Jersey of the New York Yankees' iconic home pinstripes; it's the reason why you rarely see Dallas in anything other than their metallic silver pants, white top, and royal blue numbering when playing at home. That could be changing, however. The Cowboys' navy blue road uniforms are much more popular in the retail market and many Brandon Dunn Jersey of the players prefer those uniforms as well, according to Cowboys equipment director Mike McCord. That will lead to a noticeable change this season. "We'll incorporate navy Brock Vereen Jersey a little bit more," McCord told FOX Sports. "You've already seen the last couple of years where we started wearing navy at home on Thanksgiving, and that's all kind of in relation to the Color Rush uniform. We've had some success wearing that uniform at home, so I think we'll see a little more of it."

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