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15 maj 2019 - 05:27:11
How to Keep Linq to Sql Classes in Sync With Database Structure

Author: Perpetuum Software Team

About Linq To Sql

Since it became available developers using .Net have no need to mix code with SQL commands within the application to access database objects. Now developers can access data in databases using programming language they get used to (C# Cool Base Terry Steinbach Jersey , VB.NET). Moreover, using LINQ To SQL allows developer to uniformly manage all iterative data sources: databases, XML Cool Base Stephen Vogt Jersey , various collections, etc. In addition you get code verification during compilation, full integration in Visual Studio which provides many advantages: IntelliSense Cool Base Sonny Gray Jersey , database model designer, auto generation of code by the model and so on.

Nothing is ideal

And still in spite of all advantages of using LINQ To SQL, its usage in real large projects is complicated for some problems. Using LINQ To SQL in the project will make you use such Visual Studio component as LINQ To SQL Classes. The component is not easy to use as it should be kept in sync with the structure of real database.

The variant of synchronizing LINQ To SQL Classes and database structure in manual mode is not considered at all due to huge work content and possibility of errors. Nevertheless Cool Base Sean Doolittle Jersey , it is very important to keep LINQ To SQL Classes in sync with database structure, as LINQ To SQL Classes and database structure are often modified during software design.

Database Restyle - Library will solve the problem of the modifications transference from LINQ To SQL Classes to database structure.

In order to solve the first problem mentioned in the previous chapter, Perpetuum Software LLC developed the PerpetuumSoft.DataModel.LinqToSql library. This library allows the propagation of changes from LINQ To SQL to database structure without database re-creation. This library is based on another more functional Database Restyle library designed to synchronize two databases. Thus Cool Base Santiago Casilla Jersey , you will have an opportunity to extend the standard abilities of the LINQ to SQL technology and avoid problems with synchronization of LINQ To SQL Classes with database structure.

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About the Author:

Perpetuum Software LLC specializes in development of high-quality .NET and ASP.NET software components compatible with MS Visual Studio .NET, C# Builder, Delphi .NET and other IDEs supporting .NET Framework. Such use-proven components as Report Sharp-Shooter Cool Base Rollie Fingers Jersey , Instrumentation ModelKit, OLAP ModelKit, Chart ModelKit Cool Base Rickey Henderson Jersey , the .NET Dashboard Suite, OLAP + CHART ModelKit and other .NET components by Perpetuum Software LLC are already well known on the software development market and are used by developers in more than 60 countries.

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