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10 lip 2018 - 04:26:08
construction waste crusher is moving, complete the interaction of static two jaw crushing operations of the material . phenomenon in the course of the device is often clogged , the face of these problems to pay attention to careful handling , if not handled properly will not only affect productivity, but also cause serious safety accidents . when there is a small chunk of ore mine mouth stuck , you can use crowbars , hooks and other tools to deal with .

If it is caused when a large number of ore or blockage , you should immediately turn off the power to stop the operation , the operation will be to clean up after a clean materials in the crushing cavity. however, special attention should be , no matter what the situation is absolutely prohibited removed by hand or ore from the crushing cavity between the jaws . in addition , in order to reduce the occurrence of clogging ore , good lubrication equipment in everyday repairs and maintenance , so also can reduce equipment wear , extend equipment life .

Zenith mechanical focus on technological innovation , advance with the times , after 10 years of development has become china's leading manufacturer of crushing and screening equipment . which construction waste crusher, mobile crushing plant , hydraulic cone crusher, sand making machine and other equipment exported abroad .

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