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So to get the extra $5 million

09 paź 2018 - 09:30:22
Tony Romo advanced through pre-qualifying in the Web Tour Qualifying Tournament Zack Smith Jersey , shooting a 2-over 74 on Friday at Lantana Golf Club.

One of 39 players to advance from Lantana, the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback moved on to the first stage as he attempts to secure Web Tour membership. Romo finished at 2-over 218 after openings with two 72s.

"It was kind of what I expected," said Romo, now a CBS analyst. "Everyone playing here is an accomplished, really good golfer and you have to play good to be in the mix."

The 38-year-old Romo played in the PGA Tour event in the Dominican Republic on a sponsor's exemption in March, shooting 77-82 to miss the cut. He won the American Century Championship celebrity event in July.

"Just to see where your game's at. The more you play, the more you put yourself in an environment with really good players, the better chance you'll get a feel for what you've got to practice.

"Coming out here, I've been playing some pretty good golf, so I wanted to see where the game finished at the end of the summer. Then we'll have a good six months to practice and get ourselves ready. I've been practicing for about four or five months Womens Will Butcher Jersey , so just starting to practice real golf and there's a lot of improvement that has happened, so I'm excited.

PFT has obtained and fully analyzed the Odell Beckham Jr. contract. To see how the six-year, $98.459 million contract is constructed, keep reading.

For starters, there is no extension. It?s a new contract that covers the next six years. The full details for the six-year deal appear below.

1. Signing bonus: $20 million ($10 million will be paid by September 19, $5 million will be paid by November 21, and $5 million will be paid by February 20).

2. 2018 base salary, fully guaranteed: $1.459 million.

3. 2019 base salary, fully guaranteed: $16.75 million.

4. 2020 base salary: $14 million. Of that amount, $2.75 million is fully guaranteed at signing Oren Burks Jersey , the rest is guaranteed for injury only. As of the third day of the 2020 league year, the $14 million becomes fully guaranteed.

5. 2021 base salary: $14.5 million. Of that amount, $12.791 million in guaranteed for injury at signing. The amount becomes fully guaranteed on the third day of the 2021 league year.

6. 2022 base salary: $13.75 million.

7. 2023 base salary: $13.75 million.

8. Workout bonuses from 2019 through 2023: $250,000 per year ($1.25 million total).

9. Training camp roster bonuses for 2021 through 2023: $1 million per year, if he shows up on the first day of training camp.

That last term is smart, and it suggests that the Giants don?t plan to rip up the final three years of the deal if/when Beckham feels like he?s underpaid. If he holds out in any of those three years, he loses $1 million. Period.

Here?s the cash flow: $21.459 million through 2018; $38.459 million through 2019; $52.709 million through 2020; $68.459 million through 2021; $83.459 million through 2022; $98.459 million through 2023. (Note that the cash flow through the first three years is more than $7 million less than the reported $60 million. That?s a fairly significant difference.)

He has $40.959 million fully guaranteed at signing, and $65 million guaranteed for injury at signing. Given the structure of the vesting, with the guarantees kicking in the same year the money is paid, the Giants could (in theory) part ways with Beckham after two years and $41.2 million over after three years and $52.709 million.

Finally Tom Rathman Jersey , the incentives. (Actually, escalators.) Beckham can boost his 2022 salary by up to $2.5 million. He triggers the escalators in $500,000 chunks, getting another half million for each of the following accomplishments: (1) 96 or more receptions; (2) 96 or more receptions and a playoff berth; (3) 1,374 receiving yards; (4) 1,374 receiving yards and a playoff berth; and (5) 12 touchdown receptions. The same potential dollars apply to 2023, with the same formula based on what he does in 2022.

So to get the extra $5 million, he needs 96 catches, 1,374 yards J.T. Miller Jersey , 12 touchdowns, and playoffs in 2021 and in 2022. At a time when someone other than Eli Manning likely will be the quarterback.

Again, the deal is very good, but it?s hardly the earth-shattering package that many thought Beckham deserved. And I?d still take the Sammy Watkins contract, especially since he?ll make only $4 million less over the first three years and end up back on the market.

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