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It?s possible the 2016 and 2017 Seattle Seahawks

28 gru 2018 - 03:27:58 , through underachievement on the field amid sky-high expectations, made you wonder if football could ever be fun again. The 2018 Seahawks are here to answer that question. In the affirmative. The strong affirmative.They?re here to make you remember the wild ride that we took six seasons ago, a roller-coaster that could?ve easily culminated in a Super Bowl appearance but didn?t ? in much the same way our current Seahawks will stride into the playoffs but won?t have quite enough to finish the run. (Sorry for the spoiler, it couldn?t be helped.)It?s 2012 all over again, and not just because both teams were 4-3 through seven games. Buckle the hell up.EXHIBIT A: The ballHawkingIn 2012, one statistic told a better story than any other: takeaways. Seattle ran a +13 giveaway differential back then on the way to a wild-card berth, and they?re intent on following the same path. Through seven games, they?re already at +10, including this gem at the one-yard line that helped preserve a road victory. The pass defense looks like 2012 statistically in two other measures: Y/A against and passer rating against. 2012: The Seahawks? 5.7 Y/A allowed was second overall, and their rating against was 72.7, good for third.2018: Seattle?s 6.3 Y/A allowed appears much higher on a raw level, but actually places them third overall, and their rating against is a sparkling 79.9, also third. In an even more pro-passing game than six years ago, the Seahawks? stats may look a little worse at first glance, but are not any worse relative to the rest of the league, which is what really matters.If we?re talking volume, Seattle has forced 10 interceptions already, second-most among all teams who?ve played just seven games. Pete Carroll wants his teams to get after the ball. That?s happening at a rate that echoes the LOB?s rise to prominence. A new generation of ballHawks is learning to fly.EXHIBIT B: The philosophyPut aside your membership in Team #NeverRun and Team #AlwaysRun. Coach Carroll is going to coach the team without your input. (He is so rude.) And one of his go-to mantras is ?Protect the ball.? It?s something the 2012 crew did astoundingly well, with only 18 turnovers committed, or 1.1 per game. And the 2018 team stands at 0.9 through seven games. Just like their highly successful predecessors, they are not going to give the game away through sloppy ball management.On a related note, they?re also not going to spend a lot of time passing. 2012: 536 runs, 405 passes, 36 sacks. A 55-percent running team.2018: 222 runs, 182 passes, 21 sacks. A 52-percent running team. If an independent observer had to describe the Seahawks? 2012 offensive identity in 12 words or less (why 12? come on), he or she probably settles on ?Ball-control offense spearheaded by bruising back and an explosive quarterback.? Which, is, naturally, 2018 in a nutshell. With some different faces. EXHIBIT C: The rolesThere is no LOB, no Marshawn Lynch, no Golden Tate, no Zach Miller, no Chris Clemons ? all key components to turning around four consecutive losing seasons in Seattle. But a new secondary is rising to prominence. You sat through the numbers lesson. Your reward is a ton of pretty, pretty pictures. Sacksy pictures.Here you?re looking for number 37, the Tre Flowers , who isn?t Richard Sherman yet, but has learned a thing or two about defending the run, like his LOB ancestor did.The Seahawks would?ve won in Detroit without this timely Tedric Thompson forced fumble, but it didn?t hurt. Yes, Thompson plays special teams. Just like the previous batch of safeties used to all the time. Special teams matter when Carroll?s running the show. They represent another opportunity to punish and steal. Bradley McDougald encourages you to not forget about him, which, how could you, after two picks, two forced fumbles, one recovery, and five passes defensed in less than half a season? On to the offense. Chris Carson is definitely not Beast Mode, but he definitely is in the Beast Mold. Not only is he tough, but he has vision that reminds one of Marshawn.Here he tackles two Lions on the way to the end zone, instead of the other way around. Silly Lions.Carson was doing this Baby Beast imitation as early as his rookie year, when he finished second [edit: not fourth!] in tackle-breaking, as measured by Pro Football Focus.Golden Tate can never be replaced, miss u Golden, please come back, I?m beggin? here. But it?s not like Tate made catches in traffic any better than David Moore yesterday. Just more often.Why can?t Ed Dickson be just as valuable of a tight end as Miller? They both block, they both run corner routes in the end zone... Now Clemons was something else: fierce, relentless, bad in a good way, with mayhem on his mind. Frankly, does that remind you of anyone?Playing the role of Russell Wilson is... Wilson. Who better, than the older and wiser version of himself, even if he isn?t quite as evasive on the field anymore. Bobby Wagner, K.J. Wright and Doug Baldwin have reprised their original starring/supporting roles. In which they were nominated for awards, and as we all know, it?s an honor just to be blah blah blah.EXHIBIT D: The fun is backThe men in blue and green are enjoying themselves in a way we haven?t always seen. The play didn?t count, because the receiver (our good friend Tate) was ruled down by contact before fumbling. But put aside your anger at missing out on six more fantasy points and revel in a bunch of friends stopping, dropping and rolling into the end zone. They r not mad, bro.Well. Maybe they?re pretend mad?The 2018 Seahawks are more fun to watch, their personalities are blossoming in a fashion that?s fun to watch, and they?re fun to watch win games. If you?re at work and it?s Monday morning, now?s maybe a good time to trek down to the boss? office and request some vacation time for February of 2020.Seahawks finally found continuity along the offensive line Continuity on the offensive line is thought to be quite important, and if that?s the case, the Seattle Seahawks are set to have their best season with that unit in quite some time.For once Womens Shaquill Griffin Jersey , the Seahawks seem to be ready to start the year with the same five players ? at their originally-planned positions ? who they considered to be their starters at least as early as this past March. In the case of four of the positions, it is really the four guys who even started the second half of 2017. That?s a lot of time to be able to work together and gives new offensive line coach Mike Solari a great advantage in his first season under Pete Carroll.Left tackle Duane Brown is the best player in the unit, and a much happier one now that he?s gotten the contract extension he desired before being traded to Seattle last season. He?ll be making his 10th start at left tackle for the Seahawks on Sunday against the Denver Broncos.Justin Britt will be making his 32nd start at center and he?s started all but one game in his four-year career.Germain Ifedi will be making his 30th start for Seattle and 17th at right tackle.Ethan Pocic started 11 games at guard as a rookie in 2017 and this will be his sixth start at left guard.The only starter new to the team is free agent signee D.J. Fluker, and he started 28 games at right guard for the San Diego Chargers from 2015-2016, before starting six games for the New York Giants at right guard last season. While Fluker is new to this team and the other four starters around him, he does have experience with Solari and he has been the team?s right guard for pretty much the entire offseason. That?s the kind of continuity ? from OTAs to Week 1 ? that the Seahawks pretty much never have with the offensive line.Even if you don?t like Ifedi or Fluker or Pocic, you have to admit it feels a little bit better than the turmoil they?ve been putting up with in recent years.2017:Left tackle started out as George Fant, who tore his ACL in the preseason last August. Rees Odhiambo took over and was there for seven games, giving the Seahawks the proof they needed that Odhiambo is not a left tackle; and as of now, not a guard. Not for them at least.The team signed Luke Joeckel to a one-year deal and considered him at either tackle or guard before eventually settling on left guard. He played 11 games there and as of today, remains an unsigned 26-year-old free agent.At right guard, the team was working through a number of options, most often it being either Mark Glowinski, who started every game at left guard in 2016, and Oday Aboushi. Glowinski started the first two games, then Aboushi started the next eight. By season?s end, Pocic was the starting right guard, and overall he started 11 games total.2016:Russell Okung?s six-year tenure at the team?s left tackle had come to an end, beginning the nightmare competition of Garry Gilliam, Bradley Sowell, and then eventually Fant. Sowell was the Week 1 starter at left tackle and that came to an end following the 6-6 tie against the Cardinals. Fant started the final 10 games and was PFF?s lowest-rated tackle that year.Glowinski took over at left guard for Britt.Britt took over at center for the previous o-line competition nightmare: Patrick Lewis and Lemuel Jeapierre. Rookie Germain Ifedi, a tackle at Texas A&M, shifted inside to guard and started 13 games there; the first three games of the season saw J?Marcus Webb at right guard.Gilliam played 13 games at right tackle, sometimes being spelled by Sowell.God save the Indianapolis Colts, who currently have both Glowinski and Webb as backups on their 53-man roster. 2015:Not re-signing Okung may have been a mistake and even cost them opportunities to win more games in 2016, even have a deeper playoff run, but Okung missed a total of 24 starts in Seattle. That?s not insignificant and did take away continuity.Britt moved over from right tackle to be the team?s everyday left guard. It didn?t work out well. He eventually beat out players like Alvin Bailey and Terry Poole for that gig.The team?s competition between Lewis and Jeanpierre was won by ... Drew Nowak. He started seven games at center, eventually being replaced by Lewis. Kristjan Sokoli was also in the mix and took up a roster space but clearly never caught on with that position.This was J.R. Sweezy?s last of three seasons as the team?s full-time right guard.Gilliam was the full-time right tackle, taking over from Britt from the year before.Overall, you can easily see the difference in things between the even the previous three years and 2018. It?s significant. The rundown of 2018 is that the team knew all along that Brown and Britt would be starters, while it was assumed that Pocic and Fluker were safe too. Ifedi was the only one who ever got into much of a competition, and rightfully so, but he?s been the guy at right tackle 95% of the time.I can?t say with any certainty that this will be a ?good? offensive line, but at least it?s the one we?ve expected for the last six months. I?m sure they appreciate fulfilling those expectations too.

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