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12 paź 2018 - 08:06:01
There is no doubt the New York Giants have the talent at the skill positions to be a success on offense.

It starts with two-time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning at quarterback and extends to three-time Pro Bowl receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and No. 2 overall draft pick Saquon Barkley at halfback. Sprinkle in receiver Sterling Shepard and second-year tight end Evan Engram and there is plenty of explosiveness for new coach Pat Shurmur's squad to put up some points.

The question mark is the revamped offensive line Geronimo Allison Jersey , which can best be described as five players trying to form a cohesive unit ??basically a new group.

Left tackle Nate Solder was signed as a free agent after spending seven seasons taking care of Tom Brady's blind side for the Patriots. The signing forced 2015 first-round draft choice Ereck Flowers to move from left tackle to the right side. Left guard Will Hernandez was drafted in the second round in April. Right guard Patrick Omameh was signed as a free agent, while Jon Halapio is transitioning from guard to center.

"Hey, we're going to go as far as that line will block for us," Shurmur said Monday after the Giants practiced for Friday's night annual preseason game against the Jets at MetLife Stadium.

The line saw limited action in the preseason games against the Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions. It sprung Barkley for a 43-yard run on the opening play from scrimmage against the Browns to set up a field goal. New York put together a 17-play, 79-yard drive on the second series against the Lions that halfback Wayne Gallman capped with an 8-yard touchdown reception from Davis Webb.

Some of the line play has been good. Some has not, with Manning under pressure in the first game, and the running game struggling in the second.

"We are all aware of the job that's expected of us, and we're all ready to step up to the plate and take on that challenge," said Omameh, who is playing for his fourth team. "It's just a matter of us continuing to build and improve and be where we want to be when the season hits."

Shurmur has changed some things in the locker room to help. All the linemen have their lockers in the same area. Last year, the line was divided on two sides of the room, with one group in a corner and the others in the middle of the room.

Hernandez, who brings an edge to the line, understands things are not going to be perfect from the start.

"For me, it's a we-have-to-do-this-now mentality," he said. "I think we all have that mentality. We don't have a year to two to get good or to start doing well. We have to do this now. That's our mentality. We work at it every day, to make sure by the time we roll up to the first game, we're ready to go."

Halapio, who didn't get into the lineup at guard until the final six games last season, said practicing with the Lions for three days last week helped the line work on its communication. He says it's harder to predict when it will all come together.

"It's a process,' he said. "We don't to play the whole entire preseason game, so I can't say there is a timetable. You improve from the prior week. We did that with Detroit compared to the Cleveland Browns. That's what we are looking for."

Outside linebacker/defensive end Olivier Vernon has been impressed with how the linemen have bonded.

"That translates well on the field when it comes down to it," Vernon said. "I think their attitude is one of the things that I've noticed, especially going against them in practice and since OTAs. They got depth in that group, too Ryan Callahan Jersey , as well. They have a lot of guys that are working. They're working, they're building that chemistry. That's one thing you like to see in the offensive line group."

Of all the people glued to their TVs rooting for the Buffalo Bills to finally ? and mercifully ? end their 17-season playoff drought last weekend, one curiously stood out: former Tennessee Titans tight end Frank Wycheck.

Wycheck is forever remembered in Buffalo for throwing a lateral on a kickoff return to give Tennessee a 22-16 playoff win over the Bills in a play dubbed the ?Music City Miracle,? one of the wildest finishes ever to an NFL postseason game. The much-debated play in the January 2000 wild-card playoff propelled the Titans to the Super Bowl.

It?s a memory that still stings in Buffalo 18 years later, enveloped in the lingering pain from what grew into the longest playoff drought in North America?s four major professional sports.

?People were kind of bringing it up that that?s the reason why they haven?t made the playoffs because of that play,? Wycheck told The Associated Press by phone from Nashville, Tennessee.

?I don?t want to put the responsibility on me,? said Wycheck, who now serves as a radio host and is taking a one-season break as a Titans broadcast analyst. ?But it was so long ago, too. I?m just glad they made it and I was happy for them.?

He doesn?t feel directly responsible for the Bills? woes in the bungling years that followed. Still, Wycheck said if there was some kind of curse on the Bills sparked by the ?Music City Miracle,? it?s time it was lifted.

Add another member to the Bills bandwagon as Buffalo travels to play AFC South champion Jacksonville in a wild-card playoff on Sunday.

The sentiments surprised key players from Buffalo?s storied past, and even some fans didn?t quite know how to react when Wycheck tweeted his congrats to the Bills for making the playoffs.

?Are you kidding?? said Rob Johnson, the Bills quarterback at the time who started the game over Doug Flutie. ?Does he feel bad??

?Wow. Really?? said Hall of Fame running back Thurman Thomas. ?Oh, that?s freaking awesome, man. That you could still in a way, even though it hurt us, that you could root for us, that?s great.?

Wycheck?s name has been dragged through the mud ? and worse ? across western New York long enough for a play most refer to as ?The Home Run Throwback .? Everywhere that is, except Buffalo ? where it?s always been called ?The Home Run Throw Forward,? and ?The Immaculate Deception.?

Johnson, minus a shoe no less, completed a 9-yard pass to Peerless Price to set up Steve Christie hitting a 41-yard field goal to put Buffalo ahead 16-15 with 16 seconds remaining.

What followed was pure and utter disappointment for the Bills.

Tennessee?s Lorenzo Neal caught the ensuing kickoff and handed the ball to Wycheck, who ran to his right. He then spun around at his own 25 and threw the ball across the field to Kevin Dyson, who sprinted up the left sideline to score with 3 seconds left.

The 75-yard touchdown stood up after a lengthy video review Vincent Trocheck Jersey , and the stunning loss spawned what became a playoff drought that tied for fifth-longest in NFL history.

Just like its start, the Bills? drought ended in dramatic fashion last weekend.

Buffalo did its part with a 22-16 win at Miami . The Bills then clinched the AFC?s sixth and final playoff berth when Cincinnati?s Andy Dalton converted a fourth-and-12 in the final minute to hit Tyler Boyd for a touchdown, beating Baltimore 31-27.

Thomas noted that Buffalo?s win over the Dolphins matched the same score as the 2000 loss to Tennessee ? the running back?s last game in a Bills uniform.

?It?s been a long, long time,? said Thomas, who wept in joy after the Bills clinched their playoff berth.

After spending many of these last 17 years answering questions about the drought, and wondering if the Bills might in fact be cursed, Thomas is relieved everyone can finally put it behind them.

?The fans are living it now. Enjoy,? said Thomas, who was on the Bills teams that reached and lost four consecutive Super Bowl appearances in the early 1990s. ?It?s time to create some other memories.?

Even former Bills players who never earned a chance to enjoy a playoff appearance in Buffalo celebrated.

?I?m trying to live vicariously through them because I didn?t get to live it,? said punter Brian Moorman, who played for the Bills from 2001-13. ?I always said that place would go nuts if we got in the playoffs. I would?ve loved to have experienced that.?

Johnson, who eventually won a Super Bowl as a backup in Tampa Bay in 2003, was excited for the Bills and yet still carries some lingering resentment for what happened against Tennessee.

?They do all that scientific stuff now, I wonder if they ever proved that was a lateral,? he wondered. (Don?t try to convince some Bills fans, but it was studied thoroughly, including with rendered animations that showed the pass was almost perfectly horizontal but going ever so slightly backward.)

When reminded that it was ultimately the officials who made the call on Wycheck?s throw being legal, Johnson snorted.

?It wasn?t his fault, heh, it wasn?t his fault,? he said.

Wycheck insists his toss didn?t go forward and said the most disappointing development was learning of the Bills decision to fire special teams coach Bruce DeHaven following the season. He called it unfair to lay the blame on one person.


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