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Broncos vs. Seahawks: Handing out mulligans

18 gru 2018 - 02:31:41
The Denver Broncos came away with a nice win in an up-and-down game that saw plenty of turnovers and big plays for both teams. While we don?t want to look a gift Bronco in the mouth Youth Bradley Roby Jersey , there were a few plays that both the offense and defense would like to have back. Here?s the two biggest mulligans of the game.OffenseCase Keenum knows he made several mistakes, and bad throws. We?ll dig into all three of his interceptions later in the week, but this one is the most egregious that Keenum would for sure like a do-over on.This is the first interception Keenum threw, and immediately led to Seahawk points. Demaryius Thomas is going to run a skinny post while Jeff Heuerman runs a wheel route, and Lindsay flares out into the flat.The goal of this concept is for Thomas to draw the defenders in Cover-3 to him and free up the other two routes. You can see this begin to happen. The linebacker (54) turns his head and chases Thomas, while the other linebacker chases Heuerman.This is right before the throw. As soon as Keenum saw 54 and 51 turn up-field, he should have immediately dumped to Lindsay as no one is covering him. Literally, no one is covering the most dynamic player on the field.If he wanted a bigger play, he could have also looked to Heuerman who had the linebacker beat on the wheel route with no safety over the top.Instead, Keenum forced a bad throw into a route he had no business even looking at.Keenum?s other two interceptions he made the right read, but just didn?t make the throw, or didn?t see the defender, but this one, he has to watch this film and be sick for what he left on the field. And that?s why this is the one he would like to have back.DefenseThe other guy who would love a mulligan from Sunday is Justin Simmons on the Seahawks? big touchdown pass to Tyler Lockett.I have been one of Simmons? biggest supporters on here since he was drafted, but he would love to have this one back.First of all, this is a good play-call by the Seahawks.Wilson is going to boot right and they act like they will run a classic combination off the boot, a hook and corner route. Simmons assumes this is the route they are running as well and begins to break towards the sideline to come over the top of the corner route.Then, Tyler Lockett turns the would be corner route into a post, and it was too late. Simmons was caught way out of position and Lockett was wide open.I have said several times that I prefer Justin Simmons playing in the box, or matched up on guys one-on-one as opposed to up high as a traditional free safety. That?s mostly because I think his skills are better utilized there (as we saw on his interception) , but also because he is not quite as seasoned as a guy like Darian Stewart and can get baited and beat at times up high.I have no doubt he will watch the tape and learn from this, because he needs to improve his route recognition and reading the quarterback/offense to truly take his game to the next level.In the meantime, he would love to have this back. Good morning, Country.The Denver Broncos will face a familiar foe on Sunday in the Los Angeles Chargers. A franchise that has had its fair shares of ups and downs, but one constant remains. They are led by the same player who has been their heart and soul for over a decade. The type of player all of Broncos Country wishes they had behind center calling the shots on the gridiron in the Mile High City ? even though most of us have grown to severely dislike him for what he is capable of doing against our beloved Broncos on the field. That man is Philip Rivers.It seems like only yesterday that Rivers was drafted out of North Carolina State, sat on the bench for twoseasons and eventually took over for Drew Brees in 2006. Since then Brees has went on to have a record-breaking Hall of Fame career with the New Orleans Saints, registering a Super Bowl victory and eleven Pro-Bowl honors. The thought of what could have been possible had Brees never left the Chargers is a thought that often goes through the minds of their fans, but truth be told ? Rivers has been extraordinarily successful in his fifteen years in the National Football League. Like a fine wine, Rivers appears to be getting better with age. He believes he is playing the most consistent football of his career and the statistics back that up. In nine games this season, Rivers has completed an astounding 67 percent of his passes. He has thrown for 2,459 yards and 21 touchdowns and only 4 interceptions. Not only that, his 9-yard average per completion is the highest of his career. The only thing evading a potential Hall of Fame career is the absence of essential post-season wins and a Super Bowl victory.Even so, the defenders on the Broncos? defense have an immense amount of respect for Rivers for his leadership, tenacity and on the field capabilities. Without question, he is one of the league?s best quarterbacks and is having a campaign good enough to win league MVP honors. Though the admiration runs deep the Broncos defenders are eager to get after him on Sunday.?He?s a great competitor. Any time you get to play against that guy it makes you better because you have to be on top of your game,? stated defensive end Derek Wolfe, who has had his fair share of success getting after Rivers over the years. ?It?s definitely going to be one of those games where if we shut that run game down and start getting after the passer, we?ve got a good chance of winning.?Wolfe isn?t the only defender on the Broncos? defense who knows that getting after Rivers is paramount in the Broncos? pursuit of a win this weekend. Nose tackle Domata Peko Sr. is also preparing diligently to do whatever it takes to stop Rivers and the potent Chargers? offense.?He?s been leading this team for years now. One of the best quarterbacks in the game, I think. He?s always on point with delivering the ball and getting rid of the ball on time, but we?re going to go out there and get after him man Authentic Jeff Heuerman Jersey ,? stated Peko Sr. ?That?s what we want to do, we want to get after him and put him on his back.?Though Rivers isn?t the only offense player the Broncos need to be mindful about on Sunday. Running back Melvin Gordon is having the best year of his career in his fourth season and has amassed over 1,000 all-purpose yards and 11 touchdowns in eight contests. It?s a tall order to accomplish, but if the Broncos defense can limit the production of Gordon on the ground, they will have a chance to pin their ears back and be aggressive in their pass rush pursuit of Rivers. If their stop the run, get after the passer formula is effective as they hope, they will have a good shot at beating the Chargers on the road on Sunday.If not, it?ll just be another reason for Broncos Country to despise Rivers more than they already do, but in the same fold, should also give them a greater appreciation of him as a player.As always, thank you for reading and here is today?s offering of Horse Tracks.Horse TracksTampa Bay Buccaneers LB Lavonte David has sprained MCLBuccaneers linebacker Lavonte David has a sprained MCL, leaving his status for this week in doubt, a source told ESPN's Jenna Laine.Jamal Adams again voices criticism of New York Jets, saying 'things have not changed'Jets safety Jamal Adams, after saying in August that last year's team was used to losing, on Tuesday said, "Things have not changed. ... We're still losing."Bills part ways with veteran receiver Terrelle Pryor - NFL.comThe Bills parted ways with wide receiver Terrelle Pryor on Tuesday. The veteran wideout lasted just two games with Buffalo, catching two passes for 17 yards.Ex-Browns coach Hue Jackson joins Bengals staff - NFL.comHue Jackson is back in Cincy. The former Cleveland Browns head coach is joining the Cincinnati Bengals' coaching staff as a special assistant to the head coach.Le'Veon Bell does not sign tag, will miss 2018 season - NFL.comThe Le'Veon Bell saga in Pittsburgh has come to a merciful end. The Steelers running back did not sign his franchise tag ahead of Tuesday's deadline and will miss the 2018 season.Chiefs-Rams game moved from Mexico City to L.A. - NFL.comThe highly anticipated Monday night showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Rams will no longer be played at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City due to a playing surface that does not meet NFL standards.

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