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15 wrz 2017 - 07:03:20
In the early morning of a European Cup game, cheap fifa 18 coins Everton on the road to 0-3 score defeat to the Serie A team in Atlanta. After this fiasco, Everton's new season can be described as bleak, the Premier League 4 round 1 wins and 1 draw 2 in the standings 16th, the European Union and defeat, this result seems to be crazy with them this summer Investment of 145 million pounds is not proportional to it.
This summer, Everton in the transfer market on the crazy move is a lot of fans unexpected. After 75 million pounds away Lukaku, Everton opened a crazy signings mode, toffee has spent ? 145 million bought West Goodson, Michael - Keane, Pickford And so on more than reinforcements, with the free return of Rooney, all fans have reason to expect Everton this season's performance.
However, people did not think that, cheap fifacoins in the 1-0 victory over Stoke City to get the Premiership opener, Everton opened his own bleak pattern. First in the final Manchester City lore, hand 3 points into 1 minute, and then Everton 0-2 lost to Chelsea on the road, but also lost at home 0-3 Tottenham. I thought that after the introduction of a lot of reinforcements, Everton has enough to compete with Chelsea, Tottenham and other wealthy team strength, the results of actual combat, Everton want to base based on the Premier TOP7, there seems to be a long way to go The
After coming to the European stadium, Everton first round was also bloody, 0-3 lost to Atlanta. Throughout the five games of Everton's new season, 1 wins, 1 draws and 3 losses, 2 goals lost 10 goals, this performance and their summer in the transfer market performance in stark contrast. Perhaps the team boss after seeing the results of the new season, they may also be very helpless, they may not have thought that the team's input and output is so unfair.
In fact, Everton at this stage to achieve such a result is also a considerable factor, they are in the Premier League four opponents are Stoke City, Manchester City, Chelsea and Tottenham, in addition to Stoke City, the other three Opponents are last season's TOP4, Everton lost Chelsea and Tottenham's game is also a normal phenomenon. And for the UEFA Cup game, the Premiership team seems to not pay attention, lose the game is also normal. But it is not normal that Everton's three games lost eight goals, a ball did not enter, holding such a transcript, how will they face the boss in the summer of the ? 145 million put it?

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