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Joe Flacco once slept in room with Tom Brady poster

12 gru 2016 - 09:32:00
Joe Flacco isn't your typical star quarterback. Remember, this is the dude that once celebrated a $120 million contract with a trip to the McDonald's drive-thru.

Here's another example: For an extended stretch following his first and second seasons in the NFL, Flacco lived in his parents' suburban New Jersey home, sharing a bedroom with his younger brother. This led to the rather surreal scenario of Flacco -- an extremely famous professional quarterback -- sleeping in a room that had pictures of Tom Brady hanging from the wall.

"It's got magazine cutouts, posters of a lot of people," Flacco said, via the Ravens' official site. "Tom was one of them.

"[My brother] might have made those [posters], I think that was probably back in like 2000. I was probably a freshman or sophomore [in high school]. He was in junior high when he probably started doing all that. That room still looks identical to the way it did 16 years ago."

It is fun how your childhood bedroom becomes a time capsule from prior decades once you move out of the house. The Flacco family home is no different in this sense.

The Brady poster thing is kind of funny, but the wild thing for us is the millionaire moving back home.

"You can call it living with my parents. I guess it's kind of what it was," Flacco said. "What was I going to do? Buy a place back there? Not for a month."

Somebody tell Joe about Airbnb.

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