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'Hard Knocks' episode 3 recap: Brogan Roback slides in the DMs

02 lis 2018 - 18:50:28
'Hard Knocks' episode 3 recap: Brogan Roback slides in the DMs
For whatever reason, the Browns had Brad Paisley visit camp and give the team an uninspired pep talk.About 95% of the roster had no idea who this guy was, I'm guessing. Unsurprisingly, Baker Mayfield is a Brad Paisley fan. Jarvis Landry being a fan was a bit more surprising. Though I don't think he's that big of a fan seeing as how he referred to him as "Brad Pastey." You know what? That actually fits.Paisley Case Keenum Jersey Cheap
claims to be a huge Browns fan but doesn't even recognize one of the team's better players Joel Bitonio, who, um, has a very distinct look?Kim Klement-USA Nike John Elway Jersey On Sale
TODAY SportsBitonio might end up starting at left tackle for Cleveland this year, so Paisley better get to know him.Mayfield fanboys out and let's Paisley into what's supposed to be a "QB ONLY" RV, betraying the trust of his quarterback brethren. Paisley is excited to see inside, but I'm just gonna come out and say it: The RV is overhyped.It's just an RV. It's not particularly cool. We've already discussed the terrible snack choices two weeks ago. And there's only like one bed and it doesn't even have a sheet on it. They need Xzibit to come through and throw some fish tanks and waffle makers in Nike Sylvester Williams Jersey On Sale
that bad boy.Paisley says he's interested in buying it Bradley Chubb White Elite Jersey
after the Browns break camp. His plan is to put it on his farm. Why does a multi-millionaire country singer have a farm? Is this dude growing corn in his spare time? Or is he just trying to pander to his fans?I'm on to you, Paisley.Those words came out of Brogan Roback's mouth while taking pictures at a butterfly garden. It sounds like something a dude named Brogan would say.Here's another shocker: Brogan met his girlfriend, Ally Goff, through Instagram. Yes, he slid in her DMs, as the millennials would say. According to Brogan "The DMs are the power moves."I have no idea what that means, but it is a very on-brand thing to say.Brogan may be a master of social media macking, but zoology is not a strong point for the young quarterback. He asked one of the butterfly wranglers (sweet job) if the butterfly would "turn into my arm color." He had mistaken butterflies for chameleons. Happens to everyone.His girlfriend's face summed up how dumb of a question it was?"Some butterflies do that, don't they?" he adorably asked.No, Von Miller White Elite Jersey
Brogan, they do not.It was a good week all around for Brobie. While he didn't get any burn in the Browns' second preseason game, he did get this glowing endorsement from GM John Dorsey:"He's not terrible."Elijah Wilkinson White Elite Jersey
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