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white packaging" flooring

20 cze 2017 - 04:31:29
<p>the general brand to strengthen the floor accessories such as: glue, mats, 10 yuan<a href="[] deck cladding 16ft</a> / square meter, the railway transport needs 5 yuan / square meter of logistics costs, from the warehouse to the user needs 1-2 yuan / square meters of short-distance freight. Professional installation technicians need to install the floor per square meter 4 yuan.wood plastic garden plank decking floor in singapore Bear the cost of the store rent, staff wages and protection of businesses to obtain the basic development costs of 10 yuan / square meter, the provincial subsidiary development costs of 5-10 yuan / square meters, while the brand floor must be made of advertising funds, after-sales service Funds and other costs </p>
<p>of about 5 yuan / square meter. The final cost to the floor will be less than 25 yuan / square meter.With strict quality control of the enterprise, is unable to produce per square meter cost of 25 yuan or so. <a href=''>discount wood floor panels in alameda</a> , The market is very competitive, some businesses are not through legitimate means to reduce costs to win the price advantage, but to start crooked old bars, desperate in the small workshop processing and production of some The low "white packaging" flooring, expect in the competition.We let us say that these "white packaging" floor quality is qualified,advantages of wood materials on interior consumers come to the brand floor store want to buy is a real brand value of the brand floor, In the </p>
<p>business of the rhetoric under the purchase of these "chaos board." Chaos two: just enough to follow the trend of high-tech anti-bacterial floor laminate flooring industry is the existence of the chaos of the second is:<a href="[] platforms decks</a> part of the floor speculation follow the wind industry leading brand. The flooring industry once again set off the "anti-bacterial floor" storm.However, when the industry leading brand focused on the whole society,urban terrace design ideas "concerned about the environment, care for health" to create a healthy home environment at the same time, some brands of speculation has begun.As the country on the antibacterial floor is not a clear Norms and standards, part of the </p>

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