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The LPG Competition Commission has taken some

07 lis 2017 - 06:50:55
There should also be some measures related to the contracts and their terms, and the period of term with a supplier defined in the contract should not be as long Centrifugal Switch as they currently are. A limitation on the length of the contract term has also been defined, and the suppliers cannot create a contract exceeding that term. The first remedy that has been proposed is that there should be a different arrangement regarding the ownership of the tank so that the customer doesnt have to go through the process of getting another tank for the term with a new supplier.

The LPG Competition Commission expressed all of its concerns in order to improve the conditions of the market, and to look out for the benefit of the customer by making the market more competent and increasing the opportunities for the new entrants in the LPG market and also those smaller suppliers that are already present in the market.

There should be standardised process for the changeover of suppliers, and the information available to the people regarding the switching policies should be improved and the customers should have access to the knowledge related to other suppliers and the prices and deals that are offered. The LPG Competition Commission proposed certain measures that can be taken for resolving the concerns and making the competition a healthier one, which would benefit not only the customers but also the smaller, new players in the market.After investigating the competition in the LPG market, the LPG Competition Commission showed some concerns regarding the health of the competition and the role of the larger players of the market in making the competitive environment the way it is. This is needed because the relatively larger suppliers are using additional equipment, specifications and features that enhance their operations, and it is these additional factors that are now determining the competition in the market and putting the new entrants and smaller suppliers at a disadvantage.

The LPG Competition Commission has taken some measures regarding the changeover of suppliers and specified some rules and regulations that would have to be followed from the month of April this year.

Most of the solutions proposed were related to supplier switching, so that the customers have the opportunity to change the supplier without the fear of an ordeal in the case that they are not satisfied with the existing suppliers services. A set of provisions has been defined for the suppliers, and they have to follow those provisions in case a customer wishes to switch.
. For this, there should be a regulatory system that can specify and define the minimum acceptance level for the different companies. If the contract expires and the customer wishes to switch, then a written request will have to be sent to both the new supplier and the existing one. In this way the customers wont have to feel trapped with a supplier theyre not satisfied with.

The LPG Competition Commission emphasised the need for a regulatory Centrifugal Switch system for the LPG industry, which can determine, regulate and monitor the practices of the different LPG suppliers

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