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pandora disney autumn and winter 2017 preview

07 lis 2017 - 06:15:06
Yet another pandora charms sale uk promo and a post from me: in addition to the UK sales and the enamel bangle promo in Australia, Pandora are having their first ever sale in the US as well! It?s available from the 15-25 June and offers discounts on a surprisingly wide range of charms, bracelets, rings and other jewellery. Running both in store and online, the sale works slightly differently to those in other countries: if you buy one item, you get 30% off; if you buy two, then you get 40% off; and if you buy three or more, then you get 50% off. The sale includes a number of retired or soon-to-be-retiring items, but I?m told that not all the pieces included will be discontinued. There are some beautiful things on offer ? my top picks include the muranos, the beautiful two-tone Heart safety chain, the adorable Candy Cane and the charm bracelets (the oxidised chain and two of the pave barrel clasp colours! ). There seems to be a veritable flood of promotions running this summer; in addition to all the offers I wrote about in my recent promo round-up, Pandora in Australia and New Zealand have surprised us with a rather amazing offer on the Spring 2017 enamel bangles! This ?Stack and Save? promotion is as follows: get one bangle for $49 AUD; 2 for $69 AUD; and 3 for $99 AUD. If you buy more than three, each additional bangle is priced at $33 AUD. Not bad considering the retail price on these is $119 AUD each, eh! The offer is running, while stocks last, both in Pandora concept stores and online at the Australian eStore. There?s a limit of nine bangles per customer (which I think would do it). These bangles were launched back in the spring, and are very new; I guess they can?t have sold well if Pandora AU/NZ are selling them off so cheap, but I personally love them. I think they look gorgeous with all the colours stacked together, too. Today brings my next Pandora AW17 sneak peek, with a look at the Pandora Disney Autumn/Winter 2017 collection! As is usual for Disney AW collections, from what I?ve seen so far, it seems to be a small release, with just three new charms pictured. However, there is also a new set of Disney Petites pandora uk outlet sale

pandora charms uk sale always release two sets of Disney charms with each collection ? one that?s exclusive to Disney Parks locations and one that?s sold in both the Parks and Pandora concept stores. The charms pictured here will be those sold in all locations. They should also be launched in all regions that carry the Disney line. This collection is due out in November with the Pandora Winter 2017 collection; I don?t have a firm release date on that yet, but I would predict it to fall on the 2nd of November, going by past collections. There are three new Moments charms coming out with the Pandora Disney AW17 collection: Lilo & Stitch, and two absolutely adorable characters from one of my Disney favourites: Bambi. Pandora always seem to limit themselves a lot with the AW Disney collections, which tend to be very small; however, unlike last year's, I think this year?s launch makes better use of the collection?s size by introducing something completely fresh and new, rather than just more Mickey/Minnie pieces. The plain silver detailing on Bambi and Thumper gets a huge thumbs up from me as well, while the fun enamel colours on the L&S bead suit the spirit of that particular film. with further details on the Pandora summer sales, upcoming North American promos, and a very cute Malaysian mug offer that?s running this month! I did recently mention the sales in my June round-up, but I have a few more details on them as well as more info about other promos, so I thought it was worth doing a little update. And, as usual, please do leave a comment if you have some info about a sale or promo in your area that I haven?t listed here!smiling smileyI?ve been told that there will be a variety of interesting pieces included ? the oxidised bracelet, some two-tone and gold charms, plus a fair few beads that only came out last year. A couple of retailers have posted some sneak peeks at the charms that will be discounted ? last year?s Shimmering Medallion, which I always really liked but found too pricey, is up for grabs, as is the Black Friday 2016 Poinsettia pandora uk sale clearance

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