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National Wood flooring professional

02 cze 2017 - 12:57:56
<p>sales and after-sales service, including consulting,<a href="[] of decks being built</a> shopping guide, product quality, price, installation, etc., the current market On the highly sought after brand, it can be said that the level of service are superior. Maintain a first class service, it should be said that as a strategic enterprise has long been included in the initial operating model, and as its forever shoulder the mission. The industry forecast, according to the current market environment,deck prices per square foot in uk 2/3 small and medium-sized wood flooring enterprises will disappear in the next two years, the full integration of wood flooring industry is inevitable. According to the National Wood flooring professional committee Lvbin Secretary General introduced this year, solid wood flooring raw material prices generally rose 10% -15%, up to 20% or more. </p>
<p>And some of the city building materials stores and specialty stores in the solid wood flooring retail sales are declining trend, part of the building materials store sales over the same period last year dropped by nearly 3 percent.<a href="[] railing prices</a> Mainly due to rising international oil prices led to a substantial increase in shipping prices, and now China's flooring raw materials mainly rely on imports from North America, Southeast Asia and Africa and other regions. The decline in retail sales of wood flooring is mainly affected by two aspects. First, the whole decoration project has taken away part of the market share.laminate flooring threshold alternatives Second, the number of investment buyers has increased. The purchase price of the new houses is relatively low. </p>
<p>Lu Secretary-General that the impact of material prices and market sales factors in the short term is difficult to change, which will also promote the entire wood flooring industry to speed up the integration rate.<a href="[] composite decking</a> As the floor industry entry threshold is low, resulting in solid wood flooring products mixed, become a hot consumer complaints. Wood flooring industry consolidation will be conducive to big brands, large enterprises to seize more market to put railing on an exisiting deck At the same time, large enterprises can also faster development of high-tech content of new products, access to reasonable profits. With the global forest protection efforts continue to strengthen, timber prices is an inevitable trend. </p>

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