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laminate flooring products dumping

05 cze 2017 - 04:48:00
<p>In the future, multi-purpose reinforced composite flooring,<a href="[] to build a bench using landscape timbers</a> solid wood flooring, less use of solid wood flooring should be a consensus, consumers should also reverse the habit of preference for solid wood products. Background: double reverse "schedule October 21, 2010, by the United States hardwood flooring business alliance to the US Department of Commerce and the International Trade Commission to submit an application, said China's exports to the United States multi-layer solid wood flooring and laminate flooring products dumping and government subsidies , And dumping and subsidies more than 100%,build deck furniture from scrap deck lumber seriously damaged the interests of the US flooring manufacturers and traders, requiring originating in China's multi-storey wooden floor for anti-dumping, countervailing investigation. </p>
<p>November 12, 2010, the United States The Ministry of Commerce launched a multi-storey solid wood flooring anti-dumping and countervailing investigations imported from China. On December 3, 2010,labor and material to build a deck the US International Trade Commission (CIT) initially ruled that China's access to the US multi-storey flooring caused damage to the US industry, More than 150 companies, involving more than 10 billion yuan in March 2011, the US Department of Commerce will announce the results of the preliminary ruling in June 2011,<a href="[] is best material for pool deck in uk</a> the US Department of Commerce will announce the final ruling in July 2011, the US International Trade Commission will Announced the outcome of the final ruling. </p>
<p>Impact: once the loss of export-oriented enterprises will be tainted industry generally believe that if the US ruling China It is understood that once the decision to lose, the Chinese flooring companies must be forced to pay high taxes.However,wood composit wood decks classification the current export business profits are very meager, there are industry in the industry, Sources predict that the US market will account for about one-third of China's total floor exports, but because of the fact that these companies are mainly engaged in processing, Of the export enterprises do not have their own brand, nor in the country to establish sales channels, once the export blocked, Yahuo increased,<a href="[] paint or stain</a> the survival of enterprises will be threatened. </p>

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