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ICO scam - Is cryptocurrency killing fiat currency ?

08 gru 2018 - 03:11:29
Despite the ?steady? downtrend, cryptocurrency is still at the top of the most-concerned-topics list. It has raised a total fund of $13.7 billion from ICOs just in the first 5 months of 2018. However, it is a risky investment for those who inexperienced as the ratio of fraud and scam is about 78%.

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ICOs - Scams, Scoundrels and Million-Dollar Frauds
In recent weeks, many media have condemned a few ICO - related companies, which are considered by the community as ?scammers?. One of those is the Confido startup. Someone, under the name Joost Van Doorn, raised about $ 375,000 in capital and then disappeared without a trace on November 15. The Confido site and Joost?s accounts on LinkedIn and Facebook were also deleted.

Shortly thereafter, the name Joost came back, claiming that it was making a bit of financial modification, but the media didn?t pay much attention to its ?storyline.?

The number of ICO scams rose more than 20 percent. Although the information source is unverified, the fact that scam projects are there has people losing their trust on Blockchain and other reliable projects.

Cryptocurrency is killing cash
Research by Satis Group also shows that 4% of ICO projects have failed, 3% didn?t even make it to the market, and only 15% have their cryptocurrencies listed on a trustful exchange platform.

When implementing an ICO the companies will give their own virtual release notes, usually in the form of giving a certain amount of Token code. These tokens will be issued as stock and sold to investors in different batches. Payment for a token can be made via bitcoin, ethereum or cash.

The problem with the Satis numbers is that the other 78% have shown the deceptive nature, which means "has been revealed," while the "undiscovered" project is deceptive. full. But overall, with nearly four-fifths already exposed, shows the virtual currency market and calls for investment in virtual money projects that are risky and trapped.

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In summary, many ICO frauds have been occurring in the market. The lack of strict legal regulations is the advantage of the ICO but also a cause for panic investors. In fact, many companies have created ICO programs to call for capital but have no intention of implementing the project as promised.

In fact, ICO offers many opportunities for small-scale companies as well as opportunities to earn returns many times for investors. However, with the current situation, investors have to be smart and equipped with the knowledge they need to be able to select a potential project before participating in this volatile ga

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