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Blockchain application in Law

06 lis 2018 - 08:33:01
Man is the core value of a country but the law is the measure of its civilization. The application of Blockchain to the law has given each country a great deal of benefit, setting a "legal standard" for the digital era

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Law lives in every human activity. It has set out a border, a standard that no one should ever cross. Therefore, a fair law system is the foundation of development.

Blockchain is now making this system real, bringing great benefits to the state any the society. The Economist, released on June 6, 2017, had mentioned an IBM survey, which pointed out that 9 out of 10 state agencies in the world were about to develop Blockchain-based regulatory compliance managing system.

Blockchain application in the community

Smart Contracts, the most well-known application of Blockchain, are being tested by many companies in simplifying housing loan approval procedures and replacing the role of lawyers in legal matters.
Lawyers may not be worried just yet due to the novelty of the concept, but this may change soon, especially when states like Arizona has already passed a law that allows using Smart Contracts.

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Blockchain application in the state
In the election
The United States and Russia are implementing Blockchain at the state level. It is believed that the key factor in elections is to ensure the confidentiality, publicity, and transparency of the whole voting process. Blockchain application can do all these jobs on its own and will officially be used in 2018 election.

In land-management
Many countries have been known for using Blockchain to increased transparency, publicity for land management.

+ Ukraine will use blockchain to manage agricultural land registration as its current system has yet met the expectations of security.
+The UK Land Registry has launched a plan called "Digital Street" to research and test the registration, conversion, and trading of property, using Blockchain technology.

+ Georgia recently has moved to a new blockchain system of land ownership registration. The system is now handling more than 160,000 set of documents per day. Attorney General  - Georgia Thea Tsulukiani, said that blockchain would help citizens "sleep well" without worrying about land ownership, fraud or others related problems.

+ Sweden is also experimenting with land management based on blockchain

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