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Now to start making your first quilt

08 lis 2017 - 06:57:32
To make your completed top into a quilt you need to purchase wadding and a backing approximately 6 inches larger than your finished top. Now simply measure along the length of the strips you have just sewn and chop them into 6 inch segments. The reason for my answer is that you never just wanted a cushion.

My chiffon fabric Wholesalers preferred way is to cut strips 2 and a quarter inches wide and iron them in half wrong sides together.The question most satin fabric often asked by all satin fabric beginners of Patchwork and Quilting is I want to make a quilt but should I make a cushion as it will be easier?

The answer that I always give is forget the cushion & make the quilt.

Lay your backing on a table with the wrong side facing you.

Quilt using a running stitch and a matching thread.
Arrange on your floor or a large table all of your blocks so that you have 9 segments across and 10 segments down. Continue sewing each row together in the same way until you have sewn all 10 rows. A Jelly Roll is not something to eat but a roll of fabric which consists of 40 pre cut strips which are 2 and a half inches wide by 42 inches long.

My advice to you is purchase a Jelly roll. You are now ready to bind your quilt. The Jelly Rolls are widely available and if you contact any good quilt shop like The Fat Quarters and they would not think you had lost your mind when you asked for a Jelly Roll. Remember it is your quilt and you are meant to be having fun.
You now have a completed quilt top. This means by using one of these you can start sewing straight away.

Now you have finished your first quilt ask yourself the question should I make a cushion because it is easier?
. Now put the wadding on the top of the backing and finally put your completed quilt top on the top of your wadding with the right side of the fabrics facing you.

Next sew row 1 and row 2 together and continue adding the rows until all 10 rows are sewn together. Matching the raw edges sew the binding strips to the front of the quilt and hand sew the strips to the back of the quilt.
Finally trim your wadding & backing to the same size as your quilt top.

Now sew each segment in row 1 together into a row of 9 blocks.

Now for the fun bit because at this stage you can play around with your blocks and create your own design.

Now to start making your first quilt.

Do not be afraid to keep moving the blocks around until you are happy with your design.

Sew 3 of the Jelly Roll strips together along the length with a quarter seam allowance and press them in one direction

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