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22 mar 2018 - 08:30:47
The Texas state ban on same-sex marriage was ruled unconstitutional on Wednesday by a U.S. federal judge Mark Melancon Jersey , who declared a stay on the decision, meaning that the ban stays in effect.

U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia said the law excludes the two couples who brought the suit from the constitutional guarantees of equal protection and due process.

"These Texas laws deny Plaintiffs access to the institution of marriage and its numerous rights, privileges, and responsibilities for the sole reason that Plaintiffs wish to be married to a person of the same sex," Garcia wrote.

The matter has been deferred to Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Madison Bumgarner Jersey , the judge said.

The suit brought on behalf of the couples was aimed at winning recognition for same-sex marriage in the deep South, where every state has a constitutional amendment or law that establishes legal marriage as only being between one man and one woman.

View galleryA box of cupcakes are seen topped with icons of same-sex ?

A box of cupcakes are seen topped with icons of same-sex couples at City Hall in San Francisco in th ?

It's a "historic day," said Neel Lane, lead attorney for the gay couples.

"There have been 19 decisions since last summer, and all of the rulings have come down in favor of plaintiffs challenging same-sex restrictions as unconstitutional Juan Marichal Jersey ," he said.

"The direction has been very clear. The courts have found that restrictions based on sexual orientation should be stricken down as unconstitutional."

Texas voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment that banned same-sex marriage in 2005.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, the Republican front-runner in the gubernatorial race this year and a defendant in the suit, has argued the state has the right to establish its own marriage policies.

He said his office is preparing for the appeal.

"The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled over and over again that States have the authority to define and regulate marriage," he said in a statement.

"If the Fifth Circuit honors those precedents, then today's decision should be overturned and the Texas Constitution will be upheld."

Texas Governor Rick Perry Johnny Cueto Jersey , a supporter of the same-sex marriage ban who is also seen as a possible presidential candidate for Republicans, said the courts should not interfere with the rights of states.

"The 10th Amendment guarantees Texas voters the freedom to make these decisions, and this is yet another attempt to achieve via the courts what couldn't be achieved at the ballot box," he said in a statement.

Support for gay marriage has surged in the United States in the decade since it first became legal in Massachusetts, with just over half of Americans now supporting the idea Joe Panik Jersey , according to a survey released on Wednesday.

In all, 17 states plus the District of Columbia recognize gay marriage, including eight states where it became legal in 2013.

The trend has gathered steam since the U.S. Supreme Court in June ruled that legally married same-sex couples nationwide are eligible for federal benefits, striking down a key part of the 1996 federal Defense of Marriage Act.

The suit in Texas was filed on behalf of Austin residents Cleopatra De Leon and Nicole Dimetman, who were married in Massachusetts Jeff Samardzija Jersey , and Victor Holmes and Mark Phariss, who were denied a marriage license when they applied last year.

Dimetman and her partner are both military veterans and were legally married in Massachusetts in 2001. They were told they could not jointly adopt a child in Texas because the state does not recognize the legality of their marriage.


JINAN, July 14 (Xinhua) -- China won the first gold medal on Sunday in Asian Beach Soccer Cup, after a penalty shootout over United Arab Emirates 4-3 in the final.

Wan Chao made the first score in the fourth minute of the second period with a free kick. Then UAE overturned the scores by the goals of Haitham and Hasan.

About 17 seconds before the final whistle, Liu Yisi of China shot after tackling Hunter Pence Jersey , helping China 2-2 into the overtime. UAE wasted two chances of freekick, and there was no more goals during overtime.

In the shootout, UAE player Kamal's shot was blocked by goalkeeper Wen Tingyuan in the second round. China took the gold medal of Asian Beach Soccer Cup first time in the history.

Chinese player Liu Yisi was named the top scorer and MVP of the cup event and Wen Tingyuan the best goalkeeper.

Thailand defeated Australia 4-3 in the other game, wining the third place.

As Christmas approaches, your mailbox becomes increasingly full of festive cards from your loved ones and perhaps some ghosts from your past. Although we appreciate the sentimentality Gaylord Perry Jersey , Christmas cards have become somewhat expected. If you forget to send Mom a card this year, you better believe you?ll hear about it. Christmas cards can sometimes become more of a chore than a joy. Here are some interesting tidbits about this postal tradition to get you in the scribing mood.

The first Christmas card was made in 1843 in London for Sir Henry Cole
The first Christmas card was commissioned by an English artist by the name of John Calcott Horsley by Sir Henry Cole. The card?s message wished Cole?s friends a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. The trend caught on, and by 1860, Christmas cards became an English standard.

Christmas cards are Valentine copycats
Some of the earliest Christmas cards, dating back to the 1850s Evan Longoria Jersey , are nearly identical to Valentines that were produced during the same time period. Card makers simply replaced Valentine motifs with Christmas images, such as birds.

There are around 3,000 card manufacturers in the United States.
Competition in Christmas card manufacturing is fierce. The industry can be segmented into smaller, family operated companies and large corporations.

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