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15 maj 2018 - 08:19:11
The post included photographs from Kiev and Mykolayiv this month.


Peter Mutai

NAIROBI, May 15 (Xinhua) -- The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on Thursday appealed to donors for an additional 55 million U.S. dollars to provide humanitarian aid to South Sudanese.

The charity said it wants to boost relief efforts to the world' s youngest nation to maintain a suitably robust response and bring aid to hundreds of thousands of people displaced by the conflict.

Eric Marclay Vans Old Skool Hvid DK , the ICRC's head of operations for East Africa said almost five months of intense conflict have severely affected vast numbers of people and devastated large areas within the country.

"To respond to this dire situation and bring people the help they need, we are striving to step up our humanitarian activities, " said Marclay.

He said the additional funding will enable the ICRC to provide food for 420,000 people (instead of 60,000 K?be Vans Old Skool Pro Sort , as initially planned), and fishing equipment, seed and tools for more than 540,000 people (an increase from 200,000) Vans Old Skool Lite Sort Hvid Danmark , and drinking water for 340,000 people (up from 250,000).

"Despite the massive aid effort already under way, the living conditions of displaced people in South Sudan remain alarming. Hundreds of thousands live in makeshift camps, their usual means of earning a living totally disrupted vans slip on hvid ," Marclay said.

"Many have lost their cattle, and others are unable to resume their farming or fishing activities. They lack shelter, and they have no reliable way of obtaining clean water. It's urgent that we take further action and ramp up our humanitarian effort."

ICRC said the humanitarian situation in South Sudan, already dire, is set to deteriorate further with the arrival of the rainy season.

"With a total budget of 127 million dollars vans slip on sort , the ICRC's operation in South Sudan will be the organization's second largest, after Syria," the charity said.

The political violence which triggered the crisis last December quickly turned into inter-ethnic bloodletting.

President Salva Kiir and former vice president Riek Machar signed an agreement last Friday to resolve the five-month-old crisis in South Sudan, which has claimed thousands of lives, left nearly five million in need of humanitarian assistance and led to atrocities being committed by both sides.

Since December vans sk8 hi hvid , more than 300,000 refugees have fled to Ethiopia, Uganda, Sudan and Kenya. Oxfam said high level diplomatic efforts are needed to help ensure the cease fire holds and negotiations towards a peaceful solution stay on track.

In the first weeks of May alone, some 20 vans sk8 hi sort ,000 new refugees fled into Ethiopia. Many are anxious to return but remain fearful for their safety as long as the conflict rages.

Since the conflict broke out last December there has been an alarming increase in the numbers of people facing hunger and children suffering from malnutrition.

More than a third of South Sudan's people - 3.7 million - are facing emergency and crisis levels of hunger and are in need of immediate assistance.

"We are deeply concerned by reports of civilians and medical facilities being deliberately targeted, and by reports of lack of respect for personnel engaged in medical duties," said Marclay.

"That's why we continue to remind the parties of their obligation to abide by the rules of international humanitarian law. In particular, commanders must enforce discipline and make sure that medical servic. Cheap Chile Soccer Jerseys Cheap Brazil Soccer Jerseys Cheap Belgium Soccer Jerseys Wholesale Argentina Jerseys Wholesale Wales Jerseys Wholesale USA Womens Jerseys Wholesale Uruguay Jerseys Wholesale Switzerland Jerseys Wholesale Sweden Jerseys Wholesale Spain Jerseys

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