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sales alert: pandora sales at rue la la this start

07 lis 2017 - 06:14:43
Just in case cheap pandora rings online you weren?t shopped out enough already with all the promotions going on, today?s post brings a heads-up that US shopping site Rue La La are hosting another sale on Pandora on Friday (23rd June)! The sale will offer discounts on retired Pandora products, and usually includes charms and other jewellery. As far as I?m aware, there won?t be new styles, but it does give you an opportunity if you hesitated over something in the last sale. They?ve also been running a secret ?Just for you? sale over the past week or so that should be available to people who have bought Pandora from their website before (go to ?Brands?, and if ?Pandora? is listed there, then you have access to it). I just got the ballet shoes charm from it, as I?ve been umming and ahhing over that one for ages! It?s super pretty.grinning smileyThe sale is currently listed on their website as starting on Friday (the 23rd of June) at 11am ET. Just a reminder, also, that Rue La La have started offering international shipping to a select number of countries, and offer proper integration with international credit cards now! Plus, for certain countries (not all, apparently), if you spend over $100 USD, then you only have to pay $9. 95 USD to ship internationally. Pandora actually started a special VIP preview of the sale for those subscribed to the Pandora Club newsletter a day or so ago, which meant that I was able to get the pieces I most wanted already. I checked out with the Pave Pear (which was originally a very pricey Asian exclusive ? I?m amazed to be able to get it at this price now! ) and two of the classic silver S clips. My brother is currently in Australia and can bring back my pieces in a month or so, which is handy! The murano is called the ?Mint Glitter?, but I?d definitely say that the colour has quite a lot of blue in it ? more than I think you?d expect from ?mint?! It?s such a stunning colour, though. It works particularly well with the golden glitter, as it instantly puts you in mind of tropical beaches. The colours work so well together. In addition to the darker gold glitter, there is also some lighter shimmer in the glass, which really set off the whole effect. As many people have noted, the glitter in the muranos is really reminiscent of golden sand ? combined with the rich jewel-like colour, it immediately made me want to revisit an Arabian Nights styling.grinning smiley For this, I combined the mint with some lovely pastel purples, and added the Camel, the Arabian Coffee Pot, the Twinkling Night clip and the Hope Chest as my themed beads. The pink sapphires in the Double Heart clips remind me of treasure, too, while their hint of gold adds a dash of warmth pandora birthstone rings sale

First up, we have a pandora rose gold rings sneak peek at some decorative pave Moments silver beads. We saw the teardrop button bead in my previous sneak peek, but there?s also another diamond-shaped charm ? it strikes me as a more elegant, clear version of the Fairytale Treasure from last year?s Autumn launch. Next up, we have a little colour with some vibrant red, blue and green for the festive season. Now, there is a charm on this bangle styling that I absolutely adore the look of ? a charm with silver snowflakes set against midnight-blue enamel. I think it?s absolutely stunning. Also pictured are some new Radiant Hearts-style button charms in rich winter colours. In this next image, we have some more rings and earrings: the teardrop charm we saw in my previous sneak peek has matching rings. Finally, we have another live shot from the CasaPandora event I mentioned in my previous AW17 sneak peek ? this gives us a clear look at a new pave heart button charm, and a new signature ring. Pandora look to be having some fun with the Rose collection this season; in addition to all the decorative pieces I posted in my previous sneak peek, we have some intriguing new jewellery pictured here! The thing that first catches my eye is a full Pandora Rose threadless bracelet! Previously we?ve only had two-tone Rose charm bracelets; this is a first. Accompanying it is another new Pandora Rose safety chain, which looks to be silicone lined, but strikes me as being quite similar to the one we have already; a Pandora Rose Radiant Hearts charm; and another look at the Moments silver teardrop bead. Next, we have a look at what is presumably some Winter offerings from Rose ? the geometric, decorative stylings of the previous image give away to more character-based designs. This is again unusual for the Rose line, which usually focuses on hearts or more abstract designs: however, pictured here are some Rose Christmas Petites for the Floating Locket, and a Rose Twinkling Christmas Tree and Sparkling Present! Also pictured are some really stunning-looking Rose clips, and a Rose version of the pave heart clasp bracelet. We also have another CasaPandora live shot of the pink Rose beads and murano I teased in my last post. This shot has completely changed my mind on the Rose murano: the colours look like they work wonderfully together here cheap pandora rings sale

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