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price Oh The above content is a small family

August 15, 2017 08:20AM
<p>advantages of chicken wing wood sheet 1, chicken wings wood plate has a unique and unique texture, the quality is very good, and never insects. With chicken wings made of wood furniture looks very grade, very popular with the love of personnel, and chicken wings wood is very artistic sense, placed in the furniture is absolutely able to highlight the owner's taste, is a very good furniture decorations. 2, </p>
<p>chicken wing wood wood tough, high mechanical strength, strong corrosion resistance; hardness and moderate strength, suitable for carving, the general carved relief can adapt. And chicken wing wood texture accessible clear, smooth surface, chord pattern beautiful, with a similar &quot;chicken wing wood&quot; pattern. Wood by the plastic, carved painting, can produce exquisite carved lacquer crafts. Chicken wing </p>
<p>wood sheet shortcomings 1, chicken wings wood plate prices are relatively more expensive, and now the new chicken wing wood furniture, woody rough, sometimes easy to crack off the wood. And chicken wings wood carving a little more difficult. 2, after drying room strict dry chicken wings wood furniture is not easy to crack, but elm is not easy to dry, and now the market has a lot of chicken wing </p>
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