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England hold Jersey Brazil but Neymar?s rare gifts

November 15, 2017 03:49AM
England hold Jersey Brazil but Neymar?s rare gifts
Thanks to her father Damir, Jelena Dokic has had a notoriously strained relationship with the media. From coverage of him threatening US Open staff over the price of fish, to drunkenly smashing a reporter?s phone at Wimbledon or claiming the Australian Open draw was rigged against her, the media have been happy to embrace Damir as an oafish buffoon, ripe fodder for a click-bait headline or cartoon.
For a young Jelena Dokic, still underage when these incidents occurred, the reports were Nick Folk Authentic Jersey a source of deep shame and embarrassment ? largely because she was unable to tell the public the truth. In her biography Unbreakable, she recounts how Damir would insist she trot out his own distorted worldviews at press conferences.
?When he made all those public rants, I had to cover for him and say what he wanted,? she tells the Guardian. ?I know the media thought I was a brat and arrogant. That was really hard for me, because I was actually the opposite.?
Unbeknown to most around her, Dokic was enduring unspeakable emotional and physical abuse at the hands of her father ? including regular beatings and whippings that on one occasion left her unconscious. But this side of her father remained concealed.
?The media would joke about everything he did. But it wasn?t funny. If you look at [those incidents] ? he was aggressive, he was drunk, he was scary. No one ever asked: how far does this go? What else does he do??
At the time, she wanted to Nick Folk Authentic Jersey tell the truth about his abuse, but feared for her life should she do so. ?A lot of people didn?t understand me,? she says. ?[But] I always thought, I?m going to write about this one day, I?m going to get the story out about what happened.?
And so, in a Nick Folk Authentic Jersey twist of fate, Dokic ? now aged 34 ? has approached the media with open arms, welcoming rather than shying away from the spotlight again. She says the public reaction to her book ? which has made headlines worldwide ? has been something of a shock, given how acclimatised she had become to the abuse.
?I knew it would be big, but I didn?t know it would get such a reaction. For me, it?s more normal than it is to other people, because I?ve lived it, dealt with it for such a long time. The support has been incredible, and I feel good [having the story out there].?
She is aware her story has prompted, and will continue to prompt, questions as to why or how others could have intervened, but Dokic wants to make clear this is not about any personal vendetta. The book was instead written to incite Nick Folk Authentic Jersey change for others who are experiencing family violence.
?It?s not about pointing fingers, I?m not blaming anyone. It?s about moving forward,? she says. ?Let?s take my case and build on this, learn from this. And if we need to put things in place, let?s put them in place to make sure it doesn?t happen again, and if it does, that the right steps are taken.?,13382

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