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May 17, 2018 09:01AM
As a local bookie Cheap J'Mon Moore Jersey , how many times have you received a call from a player complaining that he wasn?t able to place a bet at the time when the line was exactly where he wanted it to be? He probably tried to get to you on the phone but the line was busy, and because you were not offering any other kind of option for your players to place their wagers it was impossible for them to do so. Have you considered how much profit or juice you have lost all those times? That is a call for action; if a business owner notices that he is not making as much money as he could, or simply not providing his clients with the tools for them to use his services efficiently, he rapidly searches for what is wrong and finds a solution to the problem as faster as possible; every minute is a waste of potential income.

We just told you what the problem is: Availability; now we will tell you how to approach this problem and find a solution that works for both you, and your clients. We are talking about PPH or 'Pay per head' solutions. In this article we will tell you what advantages you will get by signing up with one of these services and why you should be willing to pay the 'per head' fee involved.

Pay per head (also known as PPH solutions) are services that provide an easy-to-use interface for your players to place their wagers through an online website, this software also keeps track of all the intricacies that managing several players at the same time can bring, like managing reports, keeping clean balances, etc. Cheap Josh Jackson Jersey , all this for a ?'per player' fee, per week. To put it in other words in 'computerize' your operation by using a carefully developed software specific to cover the needs of any bookmaker. By not having to deal with the most time consuming aspects of the business you can spend that extra time in bringing more players to do business with you and increasing the size of your operation.

One of the most important features you will be able to offer your players when using a PPH service is the 24/7 Lines availability, you no longer need to keep track of the lines changes across the week, or be limited to offer just a handful of sports. With a 24/7 Lines disposition you can offer lines on all mayor sports worldwide knowing that your lines will change according public perception and always offer the players the latest and most updated information.

Even though you have the option to offer lines on all mayor sports (NFL, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Tennis, Golf Cheap Jaire Alexander Jersey , Racing, etc.), you don't necessarily have to do so, you can just instruct your PPH service provider what sports you want to offer lines for, and simple like that, your players will not have those lines available anymore. In the same way you can hide specific lines for certain games, whether it be spreads, money lines, totals, you name it, you've got the power to decide how your sportsbook will look like and what will be offered in it.

One of the key features that a PPH service provides is your own Website, which your players can use to place their wagers at any time and literally from anywhere. The top PPH providers make sure the site is mobile accessible which allows the bettor to place their bets using his mobile phone, table, etc. They can be watching the Friday night game, get to your website, and place their bet without leaving the couch.

You have the option to make any changes on this website, changing logos, site name#4# images, all of this is at your disposition; you only got to request the change to be made to the PPH. These Websites are as good as any major online sportsbook out there and it?s all included on the same 'per head' fee.

All these features mentioned will truly take your business to the next level and allow you to compete with any other Sportsbook out there.

Don't let yourself be fooled by the per head fee charged, as you now know, the handful of features and advantages that a service like this provides, and most importantly, the chance for your business to be able to beat the competition is priceless.


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